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Environmentally Friendly Tube 26x1.95-2.25

EFT is a highly polymerized un-vulcanized rubber composite.

When punctured, the material forms and air-tight seal retarding the leak speed giving the rider extra time to make safe repairs. 30% lighter than the competition, EFT have a density if only 0.88 g/cc compared to that traditional tubes which can have densities up to 1.3 g/cc. The elasticity of EFT make them resistant explosion and pinches providing added safety for riders. Made from modified thermoplastic elastomer compounds (TPE), EFT can be recycled with other TPE products protecting the environment by minimizing waste.

Material: TPE
Size: 26x1.95-2.25
Valve: SV
Weight: approx 128g
4 iPhone Horn Stand Acoustic Amplifier
Double your iPhone's volume without any external power.

The iPhone Horn Stand acoustically amplifies the sound from the built-in speaker of your iPhone by more than double. Without requiring any external power source or batteries, you and your friends can enjoy music and videos 13 decibels louder.

The silicone iPhone Horn Stand can rest horizontally or vertically and features a slot for access to the dock connector. Available in multiple colors.
Designed for the iPhone 4, but also compatible with the iPhone 3G/3GS.

Features & specs:
• Dimensions: 4.25" x 1.75" x 2"
• Material: silicone
• Amplifies loudness by 2.5 times (13 dB)
• No external power required
• Works horizontally and vertically
• Compatible with iPhone 4 and iPhone 3G/3GS

Available in multiple colors
The iPhone Horn Stand is currently available in black, green and white.
4 2012 Fox Factory Team Forks and Shocks with Kashima Coating

Fox has been busy this past year, and they have revamped the product line, added a long travel 29er fork, and titanium crown/steerer fork, tweaked the FIT damper, changed seals, and added Kashima to rear shocks.

The new family grouping covers their entire suspension line, and everything is now divided into three entities, Factory, Performance and Evolution.

FACTORY - Best: has their latest, greatest and most advanced technology
PERFORMANCE - Better: FIT on 32, open bath on 36 and 40, less advanced technology and adjustability
EVOLUTION – Good: entry level, open bath forks, simpler technology

The Kashima coating was introduced last year for aftermarket only, and they have now opened the doors (or flood gates) for OEM usage, so you’ll be seeing the fancy gold color on significantly more bikes. The coating has been tweaked, and it should appear as a darker color, and be slightly more slippery. Only the Factory series will have the coating, and it has now been added to the FLOAT RP23, DHX Air and DHX RC4 rear shocks, including portions of the air sleeves (RC4 is shaft only). For manufacturing reasons, the coating has to be added to both the inside and outside of the air sleeve, so thing’s slide on a smoother surface internally.

The other unique new fork is the FLOAT Ti, which has a one piece cast titanium 6-4 (Ti-6Al-4V) crown and steerer. It will be available in FIT Terralogic, FIT RLC and FIT Remote, all with either 100 or 120mm of travel, 9mm or 15mm axle, and tapered steerer. The forks weigh between 2.91 lbs to 3.46 lbs, and will come with a very trick Kashima coated top cap, titanium bolt and expansion plug.


FFWD Fast Forward®

DISC - Carbon Disc Wheels 650c / 700c

FFWD Disc wheels offer the best in aerodynamics and lateral rigidity.

The lenticular shaped disc wheels smoothen the disturbed air produced by the rider and crosswinds, so airflow leaving the wheel surface is less turbulent than on a flat disc or wire spoke wheel. Less turbulence means more speed. Comes with exclusive wheel bag, quick release & valve hole decal set

Available in tubular and clincher version, Shimano 8/9/10 speed compatible.

Disc Rear Tubular Shimano 650c
Weight = 950 grams

Disc Rear Clincher Shimano 650c (shown)
Weight = 1280 grams

Available in tubular and clincher version, for both Shimano 8/9/10 speed and Campagnolo 9/10 speed.

Disc Rear Tubular Shimano 700c (shown)
Weight = 1195 grams

Disc Rear Clincher Shimano 700c
Weight = 1445 grams



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Super light road bike for professional racers and riders with highest standards. HPC monocoque carbon frame for ultimate stiffness and Easton EC90 SL carbon wheels for acceleration and high speed.

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